By Matt Johnson

Imagine a life without chemicals and therefore being able to live in a more ‘green’ manner. Wouldn’t it be great to have a 100% natural, environmentally friendly and renewable source that you can use for most of your routine tasks and eliminate chemical-based products in the process? There are forums, activist groups and major campaigns targeted towards making the planet greener and safer place to live in. We hear talks and news reports about how modern technology and chemical based products are polluting the environment and how slowly but steadily we are causing the earth to become more and more polluted. While there are many who are not affected even remotely by such discussions there are many more who care and wish to make a contribution towards reducing our ‘carbon footprint’ on this earth.

It seems almost impossible for individuals to join together and rally the big companies for change toward greener living. It is easy, however, to make small adjustments to our lives individually. It is like the old saying: Millions of small drops make a vast ocean. Each of us can contribute towards betterment of the environment by using alternative natural methods in our daily life and avoiding products containing pollutants, which destroy the environment and negatively impact our health. One way of preserving the environment is the use of soap nuts for performing routine tasks such as cleaning, washing and laundry. Many people are not aware of this natural fruit that makes it possible to be ‘greener’ while going about our daily lives.

Soap nuts are the fruit of the Sapindus tree that is native to India, Nepal and some other South Asian countries. They require warm and tropical weather conditions for their growth. They are an excellent source for all cleaning purposes and the process of harvesting them is purely natural and does not include the use of any chemicals or toxins. A soap nut consists of a small inner fruit and a solid outer shell. It is the shell that is of most use in preparing soap nut based cleaning products. The fruits are simply picked up after they ripen and fall out of trees and dried naturally in the sun; then they are ready for use. In fact, these soap nuts contain a substance called saponin which is extracted, and then used in commercial soaps and detergents. When the shell of the soap nut comes into contact with water, the saponin is released, allowing water to penetrate the fabric and remove grime from the fabric.

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Why should you use soap nuts?

Soap nuts have anti-microbial properties which make them excellent for bathing purposes. They keep the skin smooth, protected and free of infections. They are great for people suffering from eczema and other skin disorders.

Soap nuts can also be used as a natural additive to shampoos and bath gels. Soap nut liquid or powder can be used to wash hair effectively. The process removes and treats bacteria, lice and prevents scalp infections from occurring. Soap nuts are also known to add luster, body and smoothness to hair.

Soap nuts are also an excellent insecticide. Make a mild solution of soap nuts to spray on the plants in your garden everyday. This keeps common insects away from your garden.

Soap nuts are also used for household cleaning. Make a liquid solution and use it to spray down counters, sinks, floors etc.

Soap nuts are a very effective and safe laundry detergent alternative. They do not contain any chemicals and are safe for all laundry, including cloth diapers, lingerie and hand washables.

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Ten April Fool’s pranks of 2009

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Friday, April 3, 2009 

April Fools’ Day pranks harmlessly pervaded worldwide again this year. Media outlets and internet sites have joined family, office workers, and friends to provide a wide variety of practical jokes. Ireland, France, and the United States celebrate April Fools all day, whereas a few countries celebrate jokes only until noon such as the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and South Africa.

Car and Driver claimed that GM and Chrysler were ordered out of NASCAR by the White House by the end of 2009 in order to receive any more government loans. There are press releases about this short-lived prank which received controversial feedback.

The Swiss Tourism Board has announced that volunteers were desperately needed, The Association of Mountain Cleaners “makes sure that our holiday guests can always enjoy perfect mountains. Using brooms, brushes, water and muscle power, they clean the rocks of any bird droppings.”

This year Gmail produced a new autopilot feature for April 1, 2009 which can read your email and automatically respond to every message.

BMW released its new Magnetic Tow Technology which allows your BMW to magnetically attach to the vehicle ahead of you. This enhanced technology allows the driver to remove their foot from the gas pedal and turn off the motor.

The Guardian proposed its move to Twitter, which would allow the newspaper to fit its article content into 140 character messages or “tweets”. Included in this venture was the archiving of past events reported by The Guardian, such as, “1927 OMG first successful transatlantic air flight wow, pretty cool! Boring day otherwise *sigh*”

Google’s technological break through for April Fool’s Day was CADIE, (Cognitive Autoheuristic Distributed-Intelligence Entity). By extracting internet search patterns combined with Brain Search, a part of CADIE technology, Google can now search your thoughts and memories.

Wikipedia even fooled Fox News who claimed that “every item on the home page of the user-generated site Wikipedia is fake. The featured Wikipedia article regaled the “Museum of Bad Art” in Boston.” However, each item on the main page was based on reality — even news articles such as NASA reports a shower of diamonds over the Republic of Sudan, which was based on a meteorite which passed over Sudan whose fragments did reveal diamonds upon discovery.

The Conficker Internet worm had been in the news warning of a worst case scenario when computers worldwide would be affected by the virus. Even the chief security adviser for Microsoft, Ed Gibson, didn’t want to make any predictions about what would happen. Experts just knew that it was set to go off on April 1. Several anomalous happenings were attributed to Conficker including Leroy “Mac” MacElrie who claimed to be the programmer of the Conficker worm and turned himself in to police. ran an advertisement offering hotel room bookings on the moon which would be offered on European websites starting at £800 a night.

Qualcomm ingeniously revealed a new wireless networking technology called wireless convergence. Making use of the flight patterns of pigeons. They then use innovative solutions to converge the birds with wolves to protect the internal improvements.

Media outlets were not the only ones pulling pranks. Gaming websites across the internet Blizzard, Joystiq, and affiliates posted reviews and announcements of games with tongue in cheek. YouTube offered viewers a unique April Fool’s experience as videos were offered upside down. In Ireland, U2 fans received a U2opia concert on a shopping centre roof top concert rather than the real thing.

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There are many different styles of home decorations to choose from and having such a wide selection can make it difficult to determine the best choice. To help with deciding on a particular theme, here are a few different options you can choose from:

The first look is traditional. The classic or traditional look are timeless classic looks. This theme never seem to become outdated. Many people prefer this style because it creates such a warm, welcoming and inviting feel. The classic color choices consist of warm wood tones along with neutral shades. The classic prints are typically either symmetric designs or floral patterns.

The use of the traditional decorating theme is perfect for anyone who wants to stay on the safer side when it comes to decorating their house. Anyone who is adventurous and loves to experiment with louder colors and new designs would not be happy with the traditional style.

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Another look is contemporary. Contemporary interior decor appeals to anyone who is more adventurous and edgy. Blacks, grays, silvers, reds and whites are the typical color schemes used in contemporary decor. You will never see any floral prints or patterns but you may seem some basic geometric shapes.

Most modern furniture used in this scheme is made of metal. Contemporary wall hangings are typical wall decorations used. Metal wall plaques are also very popular. Many people enjoy placing metal wall sculptures throughout their home as well. The contemporary theme is full of artistic expressions, minimalism and form.

Another route to take is called Country. For any person who enjoys feeling as if they are in the country or rustic environment, the country theme works best for them. Checkered, floral, striped, and vintage patterns are usually contained in any country theme. You can typically also find horses, cows, and roosters on bowls, pottery and decorative plates in a country themed house. The colors used are bright in color. Colors such as yellow, brown, orange and red are the common colors used.

Additionally we have the tropical theme. To feel as if you are at the tropical islands, the tropical theme works wonderfully. By implementing this theme, you can feel as if you are playing in the ocean, laying out in the sun or walking in the sand. This theme is created by using fabric with oranges, greens, yellows, and bright blues. Fabrics with hibiscus blooms, floral designs and palm trees are the more typical fabrics used. There are many tropical accents to add to your home such as bamboo mats, woven baskets, shell decorations and tropical plants.

Finally you may want to consider the ethnic look. The tribal or ethnic theme is accentuated by using darker earth tones like deep reds, browns, greens and yellows. Natural ornaments, terracotta and clay sculptures, bead patterns, and wooden bowls are a few of the various home furnishing accessories used to decorate an ethnic theme. Many times, wood is used as the material of choice for this theme. You will rarely see metal decorative materials in an ethnic theme.

Before decorating your home, you should first decide on which theme fits your personality and style. By having a general theme in mind, your home decorating venture will go much smoother.

About the Author: Jill Hudson writes for and offers help in the area of finding the right pine furniture for your home. Visit

for help in locating the right

pine table and chairs

to go with whatever theme of decorating you are using in your home.


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Monday, November 21, 2005 

The international entry mail art show SAT: An Exhibit of Chairs was put on display Friday in Brampton, Ontario, Canada. Held in the Fridge Front Gallery at the Shoppers World Brampton mall, SAT is a diverse collection of artworks focusing on a generally mundane object, the chair.

Works in the show range from realism to abstract, dadaism to surrealism, post-modern to collage.

While some of the entries were submitted directly to Visual Arts Brampton, most came from a previous exhibit. Organized by Pati Bristow, No place to rest, chairs you can’t sit on ran at Shopping Trolley Gallery West and Seaman’s Library at Foothill College, both in Los Altos Hills, California, earlier in 2005. Guest curator Nicholas Moreau was unaware of the similarly themed exhibit, held so soon before. The theme for SAT was based on that of a 1987 juried art show organized by Visual Arts Brampton at the now-defunct Chinguacousy Library Gallery.

Works in Visual Arts Brampton’s showing of the exhibition are from 17 countries including Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Norway, Pakistan, Romania, Spain, Uruguay, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

This is Visual Arts Brampton’s third mail art show. In 1999, Susan Williamson created The Great Canadian Mail Art Show for Artway at Bramalea City Centre; the show was so successful that the Art Gallery of Peel adopted it in 2001. The concept of a mail art show was revived in 2004 by Moreau, held at the new Artway Shoppers World. The Snail Mail World Postcard Art Show has been held annually since.

Visual Arts Brampton’s Fridge Front Gallery primarily hosts artwork by youth from its kids classes, and from schools in Brampton and Oakville. In contrast, the nearby Artway Gallery hosts artwork by professional and amateur adult artists from across Peel. VAB has successfully sought permission to create a third display space in Shoppers World, in the Zellers corridor. The space will host shows of mail art and works on paper year-round. The planned “World Art Gallery” will be the first ever permanent display space for mail art.


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My name is Laurent 38, french native

i’m single, no children, straight, height : 6 feet, 1 inch ; 1.85 m, weight : 185 lbs; 13 st 5 lbs, 85 Kg, average body, brown hair, brown eyes, white, athee, agnostic no polical views, i don’t smoke, nor drink,

i like travel, foreign linguages, old stuff i’m funny, cool, nice, kind, honest, trusty, loving, caring, shy

I practice tennis, golf, funboard, ski, swim, diving, waterpolo, when i have thr oportunity DIY, oil and watercolor painting, chess, checkers, backgammon

I can’t drive nor ride due to my poor sight, squint manifest / latent congenital nystagmus

I look for free, very cheap, german, suedish, english, italian, japanese, american executive or luxury, 4xd, sport car, ( volvo, saab, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, porsche, skoda, jaguar, lexus, Honda, Toyota, Rover, Land Rover, Rolls Royce, Bentley, ferrari, aston martin, maserati, bugatti ), Home, boat, yacht, antique furniture, electric appliances, jewels, silverware, cupperware, dinandery

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I especially like the volvo 960 shape, 1st generation S80, and 780

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banquette louis XV, Louis XVI 3 seats sofa, console à tiroir, console anglaise XIXe, meubles d’époque, vaisselier , louis XIII, lit à quenouilles en acajou , lavabot de paquebot, fauteuil de croisière, meuble en acajou de paquebot, vestiare de paquebot, tabourets de bar ( assise et socle en acajou ), caillebottis en teck, barometre, thermomètre au mercure en acajou, table à carte inclinable, étagère de passerelle, mappemonde, fin XIX, meubles de métier

canapé bois clair scandinave, commode en cuir ( sol 1 luna )

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cheap german electro appliances : Miele, Bosch, De Dietrich, Siemens, Scholtes, AEG Electrolux, or Rosières, Sauter, Hotpoint / ariston, smeg

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Sunday, April 2, 2006 

President Bush signed the “USA PATRIOT Act Additional Reauthorizing Amendments Act of 2006” into law. In the signing statement, Bush averred that he could withhold information about the administration’s controversial use of Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act powers and National Security Letters if he deemed that they impaired foreign relations, national security, the deliberative processes of the Executive, or the performance of the Executive’s constitutional duties. Lawmakers and Legal experts have questioned the president’s authority to contravene the Congress’s intent in such a way.

The Patriot Act reauthorisation bill specifically mandates the Inspector General of the Department of Justice to audit the administration’s use of investigative authority granted by the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act and National Security Letters and requires these audits to be submitted for congressional review.

In the signing statement, President Bush wrote “The executive branch shall construe the provisions of H.R. 3199 that call for furnishing information to entities outside the executive branch, such as sections 106A and 119, in a manner consistent with the President’s constitutional authority to supervise the unitary executive branch and to withhold information the disclosure of which could impair foreign relations, national security, the deliberative processes of the Executive, or the performance of the Executive’s constitutional duties.”

This follows on the heels of the signing of the congressional ban on torture issued in January of this year, when the President declared that he would view the interrogation limits in the context of his broader powers to protect national security. A senior white house official told a Boston Globe reporter that “Of course the president has the obligation to follow this law, [but] he also has the obligation to defend and protect the country as the commander in chief, and he will have to square those two responsibilities in each case.” The official added “We are not expecting that those two responsibilities will come into conflict, but it’s possible that they will.”

Lawmakers tried to get a handle on President Bush’s use of signing statements in 2003, by passing a Justice Department spending bill that required the department to inform Congress whenever the administration decided to ignore a legislative provision on constitutional grounds.

Bush signed the bill, but issued a statement asserting his right to ignore the notification requirement.

Sen. Lindsey Graham, (R-S.C.) voiced concern over the way national security is being used as a catch all phrase in this and a number of other signing statements, saying “If you take this to its logical conclusion, because during war the commander in chief has an obligation to protect us, any statute on the books could be summarily waived,”

David Golove, a New York University law professor who specializes in executive power issues, said “On the one hand, they deny that Congress even has the authority to pass laws on these subjects like torture and eavesdropping, and in addition to that, they say that Congress is not even entitled to get information about anything to do with the war on terrorism.”

Sen Arlen Specter, (R-Pa) chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee argued “He (Bush) can say whatever he likes, I don’t know if that has a whole lot of impact on the statute. Statutes are traditionally a matter of congressional intent,”

Sen Patrick J. Leahy, (D-Ver) said in a prepared statement: “The president’s signing statements are not the law, and Congress should not allow them to be the last word, The president’s constitutional duty is to faithfully execute the laws as written by the Congress, not cherry-pick the laws he decides he wants to follow. It is our duty to ensure, by means of congressional oversight, that he does so.

The signing statement is a written proclamation, issued by the president of the United Sates that accompany the signing of a law passed by the legislative branch and generally sets forth how the executive branch intends to interpret and enforce the new law.

The use of signing statements started with the US’s fifth President James Monroe (1817-1825) and from that time was used sparingly. In fact from Monroe to Jimmy Carter (39 th President 1977-1981) there were a total of a 109 signing statements issued, 75 of which were to protect presidential prerogatives and 34 were to instruct the executive branch agencies on the interpretation of sections of the law. Whereas from the Reagan administration through the Clinton administration there were a total of 396 signing statements made with 322 to protect presidential prerogative and 74 to instruct on presidential interpretation of the law. Following along this sharp increase the Bush administration issued 435 statements almost entirely objecting to encroachments upon presidential prerogatives.

The key argument involved here is in the interpretation of the constitution. The Bush administration is acting from on an idea called the Unitary Executive theory – you may have noticed it is mentioned twice in his signing statement – this theory holds that all three branches of the federal government have the power and duty to interpret the Constitution and that the meaning of the Constitution is determined through the dynamic interaction of all three branches.

This idea gained strength during the Reagan administration as a response to the presidency having been severely weakened by Vietnam and, Watergate and is mainly championed by the “Federalist Society,” a group of conservative lawyers who nearly all worked in the Nixon, Ford, and Reagan white houses. It largely claims its authority from two sources within the Constitution—the “Oath” and “Take Care” clauses of Article II. The “Oath” requirement acts as a sort of shield, protecting the president from enforcing things he independently determines are unconstitutional, and the “Oath” clause directs the president to “faithfully execute the Office of the President and [to] preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Acting on this theory, then deputy assistant attorney general in the Office of Legal Counsel Samuel Alito wrote a draft memo On a Feb. 5, 1986 outlined a strategy for strengthening presidential authority. It laid out a case for having the president routinely issue statements about the meaning of statutes when he signs them into law. He explained his thoughts this way:

“Since the president’s approval is just as important as that of the House or Senate, it seems to follow that the president’s understanding of the bill should be just as important as that of Congress,” He later added that “by forcing some rethinking by courts, scholars, and litigants, it may help to curb some of the prevalent abuses of legislative history.”

Phillip Cooper, a professor of public administration at Portland State University states his objection to this; “It’s nothing short of breath-taking. In every case, the White House has interpreted presidential authority as broadly as possible, interpreted legislative authority as narrowly as possible, and preempted the judiciary.

The office of legal consul under President Clinton declared: “If the President may properly decline to enforce a law, at least when it unconstitutionally encroaches on his powers, then it arguably follows that he may properly announce to Congress and to the public that he will not enforce a provision of an enactment he is signing. If so, then a signing statement that challenges what the President determines to be an unconstitutional encroachment on his power, or that announces the President’s unwillingness to enforce (or willingness to litigate) such a provision, can be a valid and reasonable exercise of Presidential authority.”

Submitted by: Richard Soltero

GMP compliance in India is a work in progress!

Pharmaceutical manufacturing has become a significant industry in India. It has been estimated that has the third largest pharmaceutical industry by volume. This article examines how well they comply with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The International Conference on Harmonization defined Good Manufacturing Practices in their Q7A Guide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients. This guide was adopted by the ICH Member Countries including the European Union, Japan, the United States, Australia, Canada and Norway. India is conspicuous by its absence from the ICH Conference.

The Q7A guide for GMP compliance is quite large, but the basics can be boiled down to a few key points. Instructions and procedures must clear and unambiguous, and most of all written down in standard operating procedures (SOPs). Manufacturing processes have to be clearly defined and controlled and records demonstrate that all required steps were taken. Facilities have to be designed to minimize cross-contamination and mix-ups. Operators have to be trained and their training documented. Finally it has to be shown that distribution of the drugs to the patients minimizes any risks.

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While the GMP guide is very complete, there are different approaches to GMP compliance depending on each country. There are quite large differences in quality and compliance in different countries. In general, a nation s relative state of development dictates the level of compliance they can afford. Countries who are ICH signatories have the best quality. BRIC nations including India generally are struggling with the cost of compliance, even though they recognize the value of GMP compliance for selling their product internationally.

So how do we know What is GMP in India ? There is a world wide standard for GMP inspections. It s called the Pharmaceutical Inspection Cooperation Scheme. That scheme references Good Manufacturing Practice Guide for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (ICH Q7A). Participants in this cooperation scheme include Australia, Canada, Eastern Europe, EU, Malaysia, SA, Singapore, UK, US and Taiwan. India is not one of the participating countries.

There are GMP inspections occurring in India. The FDA does conduct facility inspections for products that are going to be sold in the US. Their inspections don t include clinical trial manufacturing or facilities used to make just clinical stage products or products to be sold locally. So far, about 100 Indian facilities have been inspected by the FDA. For all others, India relies on their own local GMP inspectors.

GMP compliance in India is highly influenced by government and business conditions. Pharmaceutical companies in India don t pay taxes for their first ten years which is why there are over 20,000 pharmaceutical companies there. Also, pharmaceutical companies don t have to go through a complex certification procedure. The FDA only conducts facility inspections only for products to be sold in the US, the rest are left to local inspectors.

This has resulted in many GMP facilities in India that very far below international standards. Up to 1970, Schedule M of India s Drug & Cosmetics Act covered only the pharmaceutical company s location, buildings, equipment, safety and sanitation. When GMP requirements were introduced worldwide, it covered the gaps in Schedule M. The pharmaceutical manufacturers lobbied in India saying the the Schedule M regulations were harmful to the small players in the pharmaceutical industry. The amendment of Schedule M of 2005 which is consolidates with international GMP is more lenient compared with what the US and EU require. While small and medium size enterprises are still in the process of adopting GMPs, they are asking to make the existing GMPs even more relaxed. The Indian administration has been considerate of the plight of the small and medium size enterprises. They know that small pharmaceutical companies might be shutdown in some states if all the requirements of GMP are enforced so the government is cutting them some slack.

There is a way to help out small India pharmaceutical companies using software that makes GMP compliance easy. For example, a manufacturing execution system with electronic batch record system can streamlines the entire end-to-end production of GMP materials. If it is CFR 21 Part 11-compliant software which means it complies with the FDA requirements for electronic signatures and electronic documentation, it can use a web-based infrastructure that can be accessed from anywhere. This means users don t have to install anything on their servers. They just need an internet connection to use it. All data is automatically visible to everyone at the same time and can be monitored in real time. Software that was designed to maintain quality compliance automatically can help makes any facility GMP compliant.

There are a few key messages to take home from this article. In general no one GMP compliance system exists even in countries that are signatories to ICH. India does wants to become compliant, but they have a long way to go before all of their industry is fully GMP. Most GMP facilities in India are struggling to pay for the cost of compliance. If you need GMP manufacturing in India, you have to monitor closely to assure they are in compliance unless the FDA or other regulatory agencies has approved them for making your product.

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Friday, August 11, 2006 

The Howard government’s proposed amendments to immigration laws to allow offshore processing may face a difficult passage through the Australian Senate with four coalition senators refusing to state whether or not they will support the amendments. The Migration Amendment (Designated Unauthorised Arrivals) Bill passed in the House of Representatives on Thursday, despite three coalition MPs crossing the floor to vote against the government.

On Thursday, Petro Georgiou (Kooyong, Liberal), Russell Broadbent (McMillan, Liberal) and Judi Moylan (Pearce, Liberal) crossed the floor to vote with the opposition against the government’s proposed reforms. Two other coalition MPs abstained from the vote. The legislation still passed, due to the coalition’s commanding majority in Australia’s lower house.

In the Senate, where the government has a one seat majority, it may be difficult for the legislation to pass with coalition senators Judith Troeth (Victoria, Liberal), Marise Payne (New South Wales, Liberal), Russell Trood (Queensland, Liberal) and Barnaby Joyce (Queensland, National) refusing to indicate which way they will be voting when the legislation comes before the senate on Monday or Tuesday.

The government now needs all of these senators to vote for this bill because Steve Fielding from the Family First Party has now officially announced that he will vote aganist this bill because he disagrees with sending asylum seekers to Nauru instead of being processed in Australia

Australia’s major opposition party, the Australian Labor Party has urged coalition senators to follow the lead of their lower house counterparts and defeat the bill. “I do hope that in the Senate others on the Coalition, who share that view, will ensure its defeat,” said Kim Beazley, leader of the opposition.

Monday, May 14, 2012 

Australian man Don Ritchie, dubbed the “Angel of The Gap”, has died. He earned his nickname after spending decades talking people out of jumping from The Gap, a cliff famed as a suicide spot beside his house in Watsons Bay, Sydney.

Credited with at least 160 rescues, though his family suggest the true figure is 500, reports carry conflicting values of Ritchie’s age; he was in his mid eighties. He moved to a house beside The Gap in 1964 and lived there the rest of his life, quickly earning his first award after tackling a man who was about to jump. At first he held back would-be jumpers whilst his wife summoned help, but then took to approaching them with his palms out and saying simply “Is there something I could do to help you?”

Ritchie had no relevant formal training, but he said last year to “Never be afraid to speak to those who you feel are in need. Always remember the power of the simple smile, a helping hand, a listening ear and a kind word.” According to his daughter, Sue Ritchie Bereny, “that was all that was often needed to turn people around, and he would say not to underestimate the power of a kind word and a smile.” He would then “bring people back to our place for a cup of tea and breakfast.”

Rewarded last year with a Local Hero Award from the National Australia Day Council, Ritchie explained “You couldn’t just sit here and watch them. I mean, I couldn’t. So I would go out and try and help them.” He and his wife Monica were named Citizens of the Year by Woollahra Council in 2010.

Ritchie often clutched at those who jumped in an effort to hold them back. He recently described to The Sydney Morning Herald one nineteen-year-old who was friends with Ritchie’s grandchildren; “He said ‘no’ and stepped straight off the side. His hat blew up and I caught it in my hand.” Much of his time was spent watching the cliff for those in distress; Bereny noted his “sensitivity, he could read some people needed help.”

Ritchie’s “courage delivered small miracles,” said Cr Susan Wynne, Mayor of Woollahra. National Australia Day Council’s interim head Tam Johnston has issued a statement saying “Don’s story touched the hearts of all Australians and challenged each of us to rethink what it means to be a good neighbour… Don was a true gentleman with a smile that could light up the room.” Local politician Malcolm Turnbull, who united with Ritchie and mental health workers to demand suicide prevention measures at The Gap, said “His work lives on forever not just in the lives of those he saved but in his heroism and example of public service.”

Diane Gaddin, whose daughter killed herself at The Gap and who works to prevent suicide, called him “a beacon and inspiration to not only us in Australia but the world because it takes courage, bravery, tenacity… he was a gentle, persuasive man who offered them hope with warm, embracing words.” She describes the former life insurance salesman, who also served in the navy, as saying “I was a salesman for most of my life, and I sold them life.” She said he advised those faced with the suicidal to “Smile. Be friendly and say can I help you in some way.”

Ritchie died on Sunday local time at St Vincent’s Hospital, with his wife, three daughters, and four grandchildren by his side.

By Elizabeth Johnson

Visit the closet of any American man, and youre likely to be engulfed by an amazing number of T-shirts and an equally astonishing hoard of blue jeans. This is especially true of young men, but an increasing number of men of all ages have quite frankly forgotten how to dress like men.

There are undoubtedly times that a T-shirt and a pair of jeans is the right thing to wear a sporting event, walking the dog, or building a superhighway. This is also the right thing to wear for most rock-and-roll concerts, panhandling, and pumping gas.

But lets face it, folks there are many more events in life than these, and part of being a real, live, grown-up man in this country is knowing what to wear to a number of different places.

A jacket and tie used to be so de rigueur at restaurants that dining rooms of all complexions kept a few in the coat check room to ensure that if some rube who didnt know better wandered in dressed improperly, he could be kitted up enough to decently eat his steak with the other diners. While this dress code does not exist in most restaurants today, it only makes sense that if you are headed for a place nice enough to have a menu that is not illustrated with photographs and fun facts, you should dress appropriately.

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Every man should have at least one good suit, even if your job and social calendar never require you to wear one. If an opportunity opens up in your office for you to speak at a conference, attend an important meeting, or have dinner with the boss and his wife, you are going to need a suit. Furthermore, if you live a normal life, youll need a suit for weddings, funerals, christenings, and other such events.

If you dont need a number of suits and you dont plan on buying one every year, buy the best suit you can possibly afford in a gray or blue wool and two fine cotton shirts. It goes without saying that the suits and the shirts should fit you impeccably. It also goes without saying that the shirts must, absolutely must, have long sleeves. Along with your suit, you should buy a good black belt and a pair of black shoes. Remember when buying shoes that costs count cheap shoes always, always, always look cheap. Also remember when buying shoes that lace-ups are generally going to be dressier than loafers and are less likely to go out of style than most styles of slip-ons.

Certainly ties are a very quick and easy way to give a plain blue or gray suit a number of new looks. Blue suits can look great with ties that are predominantly red, green, yellow, orange, burgundy, or a contrasting but complementary shade of blue. Gray suits pair well with ties that are predominantly red, blue, silver, black, and even some shades of olive. A white shirt is the perfect plain canvas to make a tie in just about any color pop. However, you can coordinate a pale blue shirt with a red, yellow, or navy tie, or pair a pink shirt with a burgundy or navy tie.

If you choose to don a striped or checked shirt, match the tie to the most prevalent color. Most mens patterned dress shirts pair a color with a neutral for instance, a pink-and-white stripe or a blue check. Ignore the white and match the tie to the color. Also a plaid shirt is never meant to be paired with a tie. Think about how often Pa Ingalls or Grizzly Adams wore a tiealmost never. Why, you ask? Because plaid shirts dont go with ties!

Another way to step up your style is to add a pair of cufflinks. Cufflinks are worn with shirts that have French cuffs, and are always classic and eternally stylish in a way that button-cuffed shirts just simply cant be. If you dont have the need for a lot of different styles, pick something timeless such as a pair of silver engraved oval cufflinks, or even something squares in gold or silver. This classic jewelry will be in vogue for your lifetime, and are an excellent investment.

You could also pick up a pair of cufflinks that will shout to the world your penchant for your hobbies, favorite sports teams, cool gadgets such as levels and compasses, or your favorite animal. Themed cufflinks are always a bog hit. This is one area where you can pretty much go wild without stepping off the ledge into bad taste, so show your quirky side and know that youre still going to be one stylin dude.

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