Idyllic Deia}

September 7, 2017 1:49 am

Idyllic Deia


Jan Kanty

Deia is a charming village just 10 km away from Soller, going southbound; nevertheless, the journey is amazingly breathtaking with formidable mountain slopes making their presence down to the affluent villas at the foothills.

The village’s main streets double up as the highway along the coast, which can be quite congested at times; but after reaching Deia, the atmosphere changes to tranquility with its showing of labyrinth alleys and peasant houses. Here lies the tomb of the village’s most honored resident, Robert Graves, a poet. The graveyard overlooks an amazing coastal view.

What Deia is Famous For

Surprisingly or not, graves shot Deia to worldwide renown. Here, the village is renowned for its famous personalities, as well as for the tomb structures and designs. Resident expatriates have blended well with the locals as they gather at Cala de Dei, which is the closest type of beach the village has to offer. This space is basically 200 meters of stones pebbles behind a splendid rocky cove with jagged cliffs and big rocks that welcome the white-crested surfs.

The warm water is as clean and cool as it is deep, making it inviting for a swim. It gets crowded during the summer with day trippers from Port de Soller. Everything is easily accessible by walking, which makes a stroll a good option for discovering the village surroundings. Alternatively, public buses or your own transportation method will take you to your desired destination.

Although there are no official tourist centers here, you can obtain the necessary guides through the hotels or hostels, which are plentiful and available at a decent price. Some hotels are quite modern, while others have been tastefully converted from ancient stone houses for a unique look and experience.

Deia has lots of treasures for visitors even though it is an ancient village; it is the home of many famous artists, sculptors, writers, and craftsmen. There are plenty of art pieces for your discovery and viewing pleasure.


Though it may be small, Deia holds numerous restaurants and cafes that you’ll be spoiled in terms of choices. The eateries are reasonably priced for their famous tapas, olive oil bread and bocadillos, to name a few local delicacies. Higher market prices will have you enjoying a light meal as well as a breath-taking view of the valley. Another higher-priced restaurant located at the village’s west offers excellent Mallorcan cuisine.

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