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I just finished my first tub of Cytosport’s Muscle Milk protein supplement, and I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve heard a lot of great things about the taste of Muscle Milk, so I decided to try the vanilla cream flavor. I’m happy to report this stuff tastes as good as it works.

There are a ton of protein powders on the market and the majority have a really unpleasant taste and are quite similar – depending on user preference of taste, price, brand name, etc. In addition, there are a wide variety of protein powders targeted for different needs and goals. For example, whey protein is recommended to be taken post workout, and slow-release protein blends are preferred before bed. Whey concentrate is the least expensive form of protein and usually costs around $30-$40 for a 5lb container. On the other hand, an isolate can cost around $30 or more for just 2lbs.

Muscle Milk is a protein blend that is most effective during the day but also works well as an evening protein supplement. Cytosport suggests you take Muscle Milk post workout. I would not necessarily advise this. This is because Muscle Milk is mix of whey and casein proteins – otherwise known as Cytosport’s EVOPRO formula.

What is Muscle Milk – Evopro?

As previously stated, Muscle Milk is an ideal protein to take before bed due to its blend of whey and casein protein. “EvoPro” is what Cytosport considers “Nanture’s Ultimate Anabolic Protein”. How so? In addition to the whey and caseins, Muscle Milk is patterned after human mother’s milk, which has considerable anabolic growth potentials.

Muscle Milk provides a unique blend of powerful ingredients.

Alpha-Lactalbumin has a protein efficiency ratio of 4.0 whereas whey and casein protein have a 3.6 and 2.9 respectively. Alpha-Lactabumin also offers higher biological value then whey and casein proteins. In addition, it contains large amounts of essential amino acids.

Bovine Colostrums – Colostrum strengthens the immune system by providing antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and other growth factors. Bovine colostrums plays an important role in immunity to diseases among other important functions.

The reason why whey and casein is so effective as a nigh time protein is due to their different rates of absorption. Whey protein is digested rapidly filling your blood with amino acid However, the effect doesn’t last long. Whey protein is a quick release protein. A surge in amino acid blood levels inhibits muscle breakdown and stimulates protein synthesis. It should be noted that whey protein is oxidized as much as it is used for protein synthesis. This means that some of the whey you ingest fails to contribute to muscle development.

This is remediated by taking casein protein. Casein proteins have a slower rate of digestion, thus giving it more to time to fuel muscle growth, and less into energy production. So, to recap, whey protein provides your body amino acids almost immediately, and once all the whey is digested, casein kicks in and provides an extra dose of amino to your muscles in a slow-release manner.

Muscle Milk Nutritional Content: Serving Size (scoop) 2 Calories 348 Fat Calories 162 Total Fat (g) 18 Cholesterol (mg) 3 Sodium (mg) 200 Potassium (mg) 595 Total Carbs (g) 12 Dietary Fiber (g) 2 Sugars (g) 6 Proteins (g) 32

Muscle Milk Ingredients EVOPRO is an amino acid matrix containing evolution-based protein and peptides engineered to closely mimic the nitrogen components and ratios found in human milk.

A closer look at the fat content of Muscle Milk and you’ll see that it’s quite high. There is no need for alarm since this is the intended formula of Muscle Milk. Most of the fat is made up of medium chain triglycerides (MCT) – they are more rapidly absorbed and burned as energy. MCT is also shown to increase the amount of calories burned compared to other fats.

The Taste Of Muscle Milk

One of the great things about Muscle Milk is the taste. Fortunately, Muscle Milk comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors: vanilla, strawberry, mocha joe, root beer, banana, and more. I’ve tried the vanilla and banana.

I was really surprised by how pleasant it tasted. In fact, it’s delicious. The banana smells just like fresh bananas. I’m so used to holding my nose when I take protein supplements. Therefor, this was a great surprise. I would give it a 9/10 based on taste.

The vanilla is really good too. I’m usually not wild about vanilla but I mixed together my first shake and found it to be very satisfying.

Muscle Milk retails for $40 for a 2- lb jug, but you can find muscle milk for cheaper online.

About the Author: Mark Pommett is a fitness enthusiast that enjoys bodybuilding, surfing, and biking. Order

Muscle Milk

today and start looking better, younger, and healthier.


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