Reasons To Play Golf}

February 22, 2017 3:59 pm

Reasons to Play Golf


Jordan Rocksmith

If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature while playing a sport, what better game is there than golf? Golfis a unique sport, in that it allows the young and mobile, as well as theelderly and achy, to enjoy it. Golfknows no age limit; it is thesport that allows you to keep on playing, even when you are well past the age of other, more physically demanding sports.Here are some additional benefits to playinggolf atFarmington, NM, golf courses.

Playing golf fulfills your need for socialization. Yes, you are still technically competing against the people you are playing with. However, it is a friendly competition, and truly, you are really onlycompeting with yourself, trying to better your score from the last time you played.

Golf can increase your happiness, as well as your mental health. Happy people tend to live longer lives. You can feel relaxed while golfing, because you are surrounded by nature and all the sounds that come with it. The sunshine and smells are good for your body too. Everyone benefits from getting their daily dose of Vitamin Dfrom the sun.

Golf allows you to have a different experience each time. You could try going golfing in the morning, afternoon, or evening. Nature’s view will be different at the different times of day. Also, switching up the golf courses you visit allows for a change of scenery.

Golf is a great way for you to get in somenon-demanding physicalexercise. Some people might opt to get a cart, however, walking is the best thing for your body. If you walk 18 holes, it is about the equivalent of walking three to four miles.

If you want to enjoy a sport while enjoying nature and getting some exercise, then visitFarmington, NM, golf coursesfor a game of golf.

If you want to enjoy a sport while enjoying nature and getting some exercise, then visit

Farmington, NM, golf courses

for a game of golf. To know more about us, visit


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Reasons to Play Golf }

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